How do I keep my teeth and gums healthy?

At ENJOY Dental, we recommend regular hygiene visits and twice daily homecare to maintain optimal oral and dental health. That includes at least brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and using appropriate mouth washes as necessary. Below we have included a video on how to maintain excellent home care.

How do I properly brush with an electric toothbrush?

Proper brushing technique with an electric toothbrush is quite different compared to a manual toothbrush. For electric toothbrushes, use a gliding circular motion around your teeth and do not scrub at your teeth or gums. Below we have included a video on the differences between brushing with an electric vs a manual toothbrush.

What is a cavity and why should it be fixed?

Cavities are actually a disease process that, if left unchecked, can lead to significant dental problems. It’s always best to prevent a problem rather than having to find a solution.  However, once a problem starts it’s much better to fix it while it’s small rather than let it blow up big. Below we have included a video explaining how cavities happen and what happens if you let them fester.

Why are my teeth crooked and how did I get this way?

Most misaligned teeth occurs because of bad oral habits starting in childhood. That’s why we recommend children go through Myobrace at an early age. Below we have included a video explaining how bad oral habits can lead to misaligned teeth.

My child has perfect teeth (or no teeth at all), why should I bring him/her to see the dentist?

Dentists have been specially trained to look at children and identify problems so they can be corrected as soon as possible. This does happen to include oral habits and other problems that parents are often unaware of. So even if 4-week-olds don’t have teeth yet, it is important to identify if children at that age have lip and tongue ties, and to correct it as soon as possible. Uncorrected, these problems can have a significant negative effect on proper mouth and face development, along with preventing proper breastfeeding.

We also evaluate children older than 6 months for cavities, proper tooth eruption, and proper oral hygiene.

We are always happy to help parents understand how the mouth, teeth, and oral habits can affect their child. Below we have included a video on how oral habits affect facial growth.

I just had dental surgery. What should I do? What shouldn’t I do?

Anytime you have dental surgery, usually a dental extraction, our team will go over how to care for the surgical site before you leave. We know though that sometimes you’re just eager to get out of the chair, so we have included our outline here for how to take care of surgical sites to help optimize healing potential.

Your team referred me to a specialist. Why haven’t I received a call yet?

Our team is dedicated to providing you optimal care. At ENJOY Dental, we have a team of specialists we refer to for complex situations. In our referrals, we always include a request for the specialist’s office to call you to arrange appointments. If you haven’t heard from the specialist within 3 days, please give us a call and our team will follow up with the specialist.

How does your clinic handle radiation safety for dental x-rays?

At ENJOY Dental, all our x-rays are digital and open source. Digital x-rays decrease radiation exposure compared to the old film x-rays, and our open source formatting allows easy exchange of any x-rays we take with other offices. This both decreases the need for extra exposure to dental x-rays and decreases the costs to our patients when they are seen by specialists we refer to.

We go above and beyond the requirements for proper radiation safe shielding and make every effort to ensure the safety and well being of our patients. If you are concerned about general radiation exposure related to dentistry, please refer to here.

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