Cosmetic Dentistry

Laser Enhanced Custom Whitening

At ENJOY Dental, we strive to provide long lasting quality results. For a long time, custom whitening trays were the best way to achieve long lasting and stable teeth whitening results. While office based laser whitening like Zoom might give an immediate brightening, color rebound would occur, sometimes within days. At ENJOY Dental, we are proud to offer a take home laser along with our whitening trays to provide fast and efficient, enhanced and stable teeth whitening. While we still offer more traditional custom whitening trays, many of our patients have been very satisfied with our new take home laser whitening system.


Sometimes you really want that smile but just don’t want to wait. For those who want that brilliant smile fast, veneers might be the option for you. Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain or resin placed on top of your teeth which hide stains and give your teeth new contours and color. Veneers can be used to remake your smile by making teeth look straight and white, hiding crooked teeth and masking disturbing stains.

Invisalign & Clear Aligners

Embarrassed to smile? Having trouble flossing between crooked teeth? Invisalign might an option for you. These clear aligners can be used to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing, and they can be taken out when you’re eating and cleaning your teeth. Invisalign involves creating a set of custom aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place and is a great alternative for people who don’t want the traditional metal brackets and bands showing on their teeth.


Sometimes, the only way to straighten teeth and give you the smile you want is to use a metal wire. This traditional system has brackets and wires that apply the pressure needed to move your teeth into the right position. Braces can also be used to help correct your bite, if needed. For those with severely crowded and misaligned teeth, braces may be the best option for you. If you are interested in straightening crooked teeth and/or braces, call us to book a consultation.

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