Our Philosophy

At ENJOY Dental, we believe it is easier to prevent problems than to find solutions. This is why we emphasize regular cleanings and checkups and why we encourage newborns (4 weeks old) and children to be evaluated by a dentist as soon as possible, as well as anyone who hasn’t seen a dentist in over a year.

We also believe that quality care now can prevent larger and more expensive problems later, and understand that patients with severe dental anxiety have a hard time stepping through the door. This is why we provide a safe, welcoming, compassionate environment suitable for all ages. We always approach treatment holistically, phasing treatments to a timeline you are comfortable with and to maximize the use of your dental benefits while emphasizing your health, your smile, and your confidence.

Wherever you are, whatever your age, and whatever condition your mouth is in, come in and let’s together find solutions to help you stay healthy and smile again.

Our Team

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