Straight Teeth, Healthy Faces

Myobrace & Myofunctional Therapy (Children 3-10y/o)

Myobrace is a system to help normalize muscle function in children to help them maximize their potential growth and development. By correcting poor oral habits, training and strengthening oral muscles, and encouraging nasal breathing, Myobrace helps children achieve proper facial growth and improves general health. Myobrace and myofunctional therapy has been growing in popularity worldwide. In children, it has been shown to improve teeth alignment as a favourable consequence from the correction of oral habits, and may replace the need for braces in some children. While it doesn’t guarantee straight teeth, Myobrace lays the foundation for good jaw bone development and proper muscle function, and may speed up the process of braces in the future. Treating children early is vital to helping maximize potential growth and development.

While Myobrace is best for children ages 3-10, its concepts can also be used on adults. Craniofacial development is mostly complete by the teenage years, so other dental appliances may be needed to help maximize the effects of Myobrace.

Expanders and Functional Appliances

Sometimes, special dental appliances are necessary to correct jaw alignment without the requirement of surgery. When the top jaw (maxilla) is too small, palatal expanders can be used to gently enlarge the maxilla so that the bottom jaw can fit in properly with the top jaw. When the bottom jaw (mandible) is too far back (retruded), functional appliances can be used to move it forward. While the use of expanders and appliances does not straighten teeth the same way braces do, they do help correct jaw bone alignment and can remove the need to extract teeth for braces.

Invisalign & Clear Aligners

Embarrassed to smile? Having trouble flossing between crooked teeth? Invisalign might an option for you. These clear aligners can be used to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing, and they can be taken out when you’re eating and cleaning your teeth. Invisalign involves creating a set of custom aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place and is a great alternative for people who don’t want the traditional metal brackets and bands showing on their teeth.


Sometimes, the only way to straighten teeth and give you the smile you want is to use a metal wire. This traditional system has brackets and wires that apply the pressure needed to move your teeth into the right position. Braces can also be used to help correct your bite, if needed. For those with severely crowded and misaligned teeth, braces may be the best option for you.

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